Founder and CEO

He started his journey before finishing high school. He first joined the family business and improved his sales skills with his ideas. He wanted to make the next step in his life when he joined network marketing to create an extra cash flow. He collected enough courage in 2013 and participated in further improvement of his skills and gaining new business contacts.
This was the first time he heard about the phrase FOREX! He was so impressed by the presented facts that he started researching them even more. For the first time, like all beginners, he gave money on his trading account, but he soon emptied it. He then invested again, watched a lot of videos on YouTube, read some books on marketing, and finally found that he was wasting time and money because his account was still in red. He began to explore this from a different perspective and came into contact with people who have been in business for more than 20 years and have managed millions of assets, like Marcus de Maria, Mike Douglas and others. He attended several seminars to improve his marketing knowledge and thus met with the MMI (Millionar Mind Intensive) seminar.

The first 3-day intensive Forex course in London followed, where he carried out many new strategies, techniques and various types of trading. Due to good results, he decided to further upgrade his knowledge and attended one of the most elite seminars in existance (HIDEOUT). Education and training lasted for 12 days and were carried out in London.

In 2015, he met David at a workshop on personal growth and found that they were facing the same problem. During this time, he realized that the two heads are better than one, since every person sees things differently and from their own perspective. Thus, they started to act like a real team, which enabled simultaneous analysis and trading on a whole new level. Shortly eafter, he noticed a huge improvement in the results. They both mastered trading, but they were in the industry by themselves, so they decided to start trading together. Firstly, they worked by Skype conversations but soon they rented an office in Ljubljana and came to work there.

They exchanged knowledge and perfected the techniques. Results quickly improved by a lot. Other people saw their results and the life of a real trader and grow their interest in them. They started to get in touch with them and teach others how to become financially independent. They established the Take profit Academy. Thus, Take Profit began to develop and when they were creating different programs, they slowly became so successful and respected as you can see today!

Head of Office

When they carried out research on Forex market, Boštjan found the term cryptocurrency, and began to explore in this direction. When he discovered in 2015 that the idea of ​​cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is excellent and promising, he turned even further into this field. As his extensive analysis showed a place for positive results, he decided to add crypto to our portfolio.

This was one of the reasons why they expanded the team independently in 2016 and set up the idea of Luxcess Group. The Luxcess Group is a young team of 15 traders, experts, analysts and outsourcers who have over six years of experience in Forex trading, Crypto trading, start-ups and trading in precious metals (gold and silver). The team, which founded Luxcess Group, has joined the passion for trading, investing and achieving good business results. To this date, the Luxcess team has been providing and managing the assets and resources of some private customers and has achieved enviable results. These results were achieved through a system that combines a diversified investment portfolio, rapid response to change and innovation, experienced traders, external consultants and excellent teamwork.

Thanks to these results and growing interest, the team of Luxcess reached the turning point. They decided to step forward, give the opportunity to the general public and give people a chance to have a safe and better future. They decided to run an ICO to raise money for starting the big project .

It eables them not only a quick, easy and safe investment, but would give people the opportunity to become part of this great story and the family Luxcess Group.


Team Member


  • 7 years of entrepreneurship
  • Co-founder of Take Profit Academy
  • Founder of Bex Media
  • He observed elite trade workshops and courses with Leadrs in the FX industry (Mike Douglas, Marcus De Maria)
  • More than 7 years of experience in trading and investing
  • He educated more than 130 people in trading Forex
  • Luxcess Group vision creator