Luka Lah

Co-Founder and COO

His biggest wish was that he would never have to work for someone but that he would create something by himself. So after finishing high school, he met Forex and started to study it. He soon realized that it was not so easy to trade as it seems at first look, so he paid the exchange rate with the forex guru and opened his first trading account. Soon, it turned out that the guru mastered the theory, but in practice he was not as good as he initially introduced, so he paid the other guru, which in fact had good results and from which he learned a lot. In parallel, he also passed a course at Amplify Trading Academy in London, where he gained a lot of new knowledge. After 2 years of trading, he wanted comunity of the same minded people, so he started researching on the Internet, and through the Facebook, he found Take Profit Academy. He went to study and after the end he was invited to a trading room where they were trading together. During the forex trading, he also started to get interested in crypto, and so he began to invest in a different range of cryptos in the long run. During this time, the so-called ICOs became very popular, so he dand the Co-fuouder of Take Profit BEX BoĊĦtjan and his whole team started working on the project (LuxcessGroup) and after six months they successfully completed it.

Our product is the platform on which you are now and where we combine the best traders and investors on the other, who want constant returns in the long run.


Team Member


  • University Degree Program Business
    and Economics, Faculty of Economics,
    University of Ljubljana
  • Amplify Trading Academy
  • The London Institute of banking and finance
  • Full time Forex and Crypto trader
  • More than 5 years of experience
    in trading & investing